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We hit the road full-time in our RV in January 1998 and enjoyed going wherever we felt drawn or guided. There is so much beauty to be savored and so many wonderful people to meet! Along the way, we teach spiritual growth workshops, facilitate energy healing sessions, share intuitive angel readings, release war energies from the physical earth and veterans, and do a variety of planetary healing work, We did pause for almost a year in Bend, OR (May 2009-April 2010) and enjoyed presenting many workshops, making new friends, establishing a spiritual/metaphysical dialogue group, and exploring the area while enjoying the spaciousness of being in a house temporarily. Since then we’ve been back on the road, continuing to plant seeds of new consciousness and spread the joy of life!

Even though I (Kay) spent most of my career in the corporate world and also as a professional speaker, my heart and passion kept calling me to use my talents to inspire others to grow and expand their consciousness and to become aware of their spiritual natures. Now I make my living primarily by teaching workshops, helping people release old emotional baggage, doing intuitive angel readings and other healing facilitations.

Tom is a talented scenic photographer whose vibrant ImagiNaturePhotography Healing Art Images bring the healing power of nature indoors. Tom is also a powerful energy mover and healing facilitator with a special gift for releasing war energies from the earth and from war veterans.

We’ve also published a book called Spirit in Nature: A Book of Inspiration and Beauty that contains Tom’s great photos and my inspired writing. Be sure to check it out!


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