To schedule a session, email Kay at AngelKay444 @ (remove spaces) or call 541-678-3221. Payments can be made via PayPal.

Emotion Code™ Sessions--$50 for 25-30 min.; $100 for 50-60 min.

SPECIAL DEAL: Multiple session discounts are available as a prepaid package

The Emotion Code Sessions are based on the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor who has dedicated his life to teaching people how to quickly and easily release the trapped emotions (caused by challenging life experiences) that have created imbalances in their bodies and energy systems. Please click here for more information on the Emotion Code and to pay for those services.

To read what our clients are saying in their own words, check out the Testimonials page!

Angel Readings & Intuitive Life Coaching--Only $100 for 50-60 min. with Kay, Tom & the angels

In her sessions Kay consciously connects with her Divine Intelligence and a client's angels and guides to bring through insightful, uplifting messages for her clients. The session often begins with an opening message from Spirit. This is followed by time for the client to ask for insight and guidance in any area of concern or to ask questions of a spiritual nature. During this session, Tom is actively working with the client’s energy body to remove blocks, re-energize depleted areas, cleanse and balance the chakras, and increase the overall flow of energy. These Intuitive Sessions can be done over the phone very effectively.

        Angel Reading $100

Energy/Healing Facilitation--Only $100 for 50-60 min with Kay, Tom & the angels

Kay and Tom work together to create a safe and sacred space where energy can be moved and transformed, and where healing potential can be maximized. They are both trained in Reiki, Pranic Healing, the Emotion Code and Transformational Breath techniques. They facilitate energy movement, balancing, and clearing for greater health. They facilitate the flow of Divine Energy to the client who can utilize this energy to choose healing on all levels. These healing sessions can be done at a distance or in person. Each healing session is a little different as the angels often give new tools or techniques that are specific to the person receiving the energy. Sometimes past or current life information is revealed that offers new insights to the client about the causative factors at work. Tom has an additional special gift in releasing trauma energy that comes from war experiences.

Often times a session will be a combination of both an intuitive reading and a healing session, depending on the client's needs and desires. This can be arranged in advance or may come up naturally in the course of the session.

       Energy/Healing Facilitation $100

Ascension/Spiritual Coaching--Only $100 for 50-60 min.

As a Teacher of New Consciousness, Kay works with individuals or groups who wish to expand their awareness and explore new potentials for their own evolution.  Often times as a person is 'awakening', it is helpful to talk with someone who has already been through the process. New understandings of Ascension and what it really means can be tremendously helpful, and it is wonderful to have a companion on the journey--to know that you aren't alone and to have someone to give you perspective on what you're experiencing. Often times, specific tools, techniques and concepts are shared which can address personal concerns or issues. These Coaching Sessions can be done effectively over the phone. If Kay is in your area, she will do this at your home for yourself and/or a small group of people.

      Spiritual Coaching $100

Death Transition Guide/Companion--call or email for rates

Kay and Tom both offer spiritual death transition assistance to people who choose to die in peace and celebration rather than fear. We help individuals and those close to them explore their feelings and personal views of death without preaching or judgement. We provide companionship and guidance that so often is missing--and deeply longed for--in each person’s unique journey to the other side. Whether the person is awake or asleep, we are their unwavering companions, trained to walk with them through the last breath and beyond, guiding them through the Near Earth Realms and on to reunion with their spiritual families. For more on DreamWalking and the workshop I teach on this, click here.

For information or rates for the following services, please call (541-678-3221) or email Kay.

Releasing of War Energies (from land or people)
Blessings of Home, Land or Animals
Officiating at Weddings
Co-creating Celebrations of Life/Memorial Services

Sessions with Kay and Tom Seliskar:

Certified Emotion Code Practitioners

Spiritual Intuitives & Ordained Ministers

Certified Angel Therapy Practitioners

Energy Healing Facilitators

Teachers of New Consciousness

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