Divine spirit awakenings


There is an increasing interest today in spiritual growth. Many people are waking up to faint memories of why they came to earth, and they want to remember more. Perhaps you hear an inner calling that can't be ignored. Your heart may be yearning to learn, to expand, and to connect with others of like mind. You may feel yourself 'awakening' to your larger spiritual nature. We’re here to inspire and encourage you on your personal journey.

Our own journey has been blessed with many remarkable experiences where we have received guidance in many ways. We will share some of those experiences through our stories and materials. Know that our understanding of what we are to share is always in a state of evolution, always moving into clearer form.

We’re also interested and experienced in a number of energy healing modalities (Emotion Code, Pranic Healing, Angel Therapy & Reiki) and hold many certifications in addition to being ordained ministers. Our ability to connect with angels, guides, and our clients’ Higher Selves to bring through relevant insights and information for their lives can assist others in moving forward during these intense times. Many of our clients report significant breakthroughs and improvements in their lives and physical well-being.

We hope you will check out more of our website. We have sample pages from our book, listings of our services, stories, and more about who we are. And be sure to check out Tom’s wonderful photography at our other website, ImagiNaturePhotography.com.

Kay and Tom Seliskar


Dedicated to

Inspiring the Growth of Consciousness in Humanity and

Assisting People on Their Healing Journeys

There is a stirring in humanity...an awakening of consciousness. As people ask the deeper questions of life, their indwelling spirit, their own spark of Divinity, begins to stir. Now is the time for each of us to remember
Who We Really Are.

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Remember to Live in Joy!